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Who we are


Phil is an award winning videographer. In 2013 he won Best Film in the Tasmanian BOFA Film Festival “Essence of Tasmania” category for his documentary Tasmania Look Closer.  Phil is the videographer, editor and producer for Into the Wild Films.


Joan is the behind-the-scenes engine room of Into the Wild Films.  Handling all the assistant production functions from expedition planning, to travel and logistics, to providing creative input and advice Joan keeps us performing at our best.

About me

The journey of an amateur natural history film maker.

Into the Wild Films has been a decade long journey.  A fusion of two passions, the first is a love of Australia’s landscapes and wildlife, the second is a love for the art of film making.

My interest in film making goes back to when I was a teenager.  Back then I produced home movies with friends and family on my parent’s Super 8 camera.  I didn’t pursue film making as a career though, instead I became a Civil Engineer, a profession which I enjoyed for 25 years but eventually left in 2018.

The rise of affordable digital film making technology in the early 2000’s removed many of the barriers for amateur film makers.  Combined with distribution platforms like YouTube, anyone could suddenly reach a worldwide audience. I have my nephew Blake to thank for introducing me to the world of digital media.  Once my eyes had been opened to that world, suddenly the possibilities seemed endless.

My first films were attempts to replicate the feeling I experienced when I spent time in the natural world.  With my first DSLR Camera I created cinematic looking compositions and combined these with instrumental soundtracks.        

Over the years I have amassed a large library of Australian natural history footage.  As my audience grew on YouTube I began to receive interest in licensing from media production houses and commercial television networks.

In 2021, I decided to produce my first ever narrated documentary, Natural Wonders of the Daintree. It was a natural progression for my channel but involved significantly more time and effort. When I asked my audience if they would like to see more documentaries, the response was a resounding yes!

I’m effectively a one-man film producer, I write, film, record sound, edit, publish, and everything else in between.  Although I do use a professional narrator, and my partner Joan provides much support along the way.  

I want my stories to encourage a greater awareness about Australia’s natural history.  What we are blessed with in this country is not only beautiful, but it is also fragile.  Some is very rare and precious indeed.  It is important that we protect the wilderness and wildlife that remains and find ways to better coexist so that both we and natural world can thrive.

Phil – Into the Wild Films

Journey from Engineer to Film Maker

  Appearing on The Good Drop Podcast Phil shares the story of his journey from Engineer to Nature Film Maker.

Podcast Content

0:00     Introduction

2:45     Welcome Phil

4:45     Growing up, engineering as a career

12:04   Some interesting engineering projects

17:50   Beginning of a film making journey

28:10   Why nature documentaries?

34:00   Winning a film competition


38:10   Why I do what I do.

42:25   Process of making an Into the Wild Films documentary

47:55   A memorable filming event

52:40  Engineer skills that translate to film making

54:44  Will I ever be in front of the camera?

56:30   The Fabulous Five questions

On Expedition

Our days usually start before sunrise, driving out to locations, followed by lots of walking with heavy camera gear, climbing, and scrambling.  Wildlife never follows the script, so you never quite know what you are going to get.  Days are rollercoaster rides ranging from the excitement of anticipation to complete exhaustion. From the elation of getting the unbelievable shot to disappointment and frustration when you realise the focus was out.   

Flinders Ranges SA
20190519_174638 trimmed
A million flies at the Devils Marbles NT
Filming Uluru Sunset Timelapse

Journey from Engineer to Film Maker